Meet the team.

Coach Spaar

My personal iSwim4Life began in California swimming competitively from the age of 5 years old. I loved swimming so much that I became Red Cross WSI certified & begun teaching swimming at age 15. I took on coaching my first swim team at 21.  iSwim4Life has been a culmination of my true love of serving people through coaching and teaching  physical education, basketball and swimming over 30 years.
In addition to coaching I have come to have a passion for children to learn aquatic problem solving skills as soon as possible, this is what led me to becoming ISR certified . Through teaching ISR I am privileged to  experience with my students the success, joy and confidence the ISR Self-Rescue technique arms children and their families with.  I love what I do!
Coach Sherry Spaar

Cortney Woodruff

Office Manager
My first experience with iSwim4Life was as a parent of an ISR student. I knew I wanted my son to complete ISR so I found Coach Spaar and enrolled him summer of 2018. Fast forward to February 2019 and I went from iSwim4Life parent to iSwim4Life office manager. I believe fully in the ISR program and even more in Coach Spaar & Coach T. I take care of the out of the pool business so they can focus their energy on creating super floaters and super swimmers!!!

Coach T - Out on Maternity Leave with TWINS!!!

ISR Instructor
I’m a Texas born and raised wife and mother. I’ve worn many hats in my life, from retail to healthcare facility Administrator, and, most recently, a SAHM to a wonderful son, Nathan. In early 2017, I signed Nathan up for ISR with Coach Spaar in order to provide him with the safety of self-rescue instruction and myself with peace in knowing he would be safe in and around water. Nathan thrived under Coach Spaar’s instruction, and he’s continued lessons with Coach Spaar ever since. Now I have the honor of joining the team at iSwim4Life as an ISR Instructor and have the privilege of teaching your children alongside Coach Spaar. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach more children the skills they need to survive in the water.
Coach Aubrey TeGrotenhuis