Parent Testimonials

Coach Spaar is a gifted teacher with a calling to teach children how to swim. In my daughter's ISR lessons with Coach Spaar, Eila went from being afraid of getting her face wet to having the confidence to jump right into the pool and float with ease. Most importantly, she learned life-saving skills for staying safe in and around the water. My two sons have also taken group lessons with Coach Spaar for two years in a row, and the progress they make each week is amazing. We are thrilled with the whole experience. 
Zach and Elizabeth T.
I could not be more pleased, or impressed, with the outcome from all of the hard work that both my daughter, and Coach Sherry Spaar, have put into our ISR sessions.  The confidence and knowledge that my daughter has gained in the water is worth every single penny spent.  I am so grateful to Coach Spaar, and ISR, for all that she has done to get us to this point! We will be continuing on with our ISR journey, and are so excited to do so!
Coach Aubrey is amazing. She does a wonderful job of explaining why she’s doing things to make sure we are all comfortable. My son can be very fussy but coach Aubrey never shows frustration with him and always does a wonderful job working through it. My son’s comfort in the water has skyrocketed and so has ours!  Caitlin P 
Our experience has been incredible! We refer Sherry Spaar to everyone we meet with young children. 
Sherry Spaar and ISR has been a Godsend.   My kids both have progressed in just 2 weeks and are now  excited to go and work with her on their skills.   She has had a connection since day one and keeps me informed on what she is working on with them and looking for from them.
Aubrey TeGrotenhuis was amazing!!!! I am obsessed with this program and iswim4life with Aubrey and Coach Sherry Spaar! Aubrey was so knowledgable and perfect with the kids. My girls loved it and are doing great after completing their session! I loved it so much that I am going through the process of becoming an ISR instructor myself! Heather S 
We are so thrilled with our son’s progress. This is our second session with coach Sherry Spaar and she has been absolutely wonderful. She showed gentle patience when our son was fearful, and we celebrated together as he learned to love the water. We are so impressed and proud of the skills he has learned in such a short time. We can’t say enough good things about ISR and coach Spaar
Aubrey has been wonderful with my two toddlers. The growth I’ve seen in both of them in just two weeks is tremendous. They’ve gained confidence in and outside of the pool. I look forward to watching them continue to thrive and master their skills. 
When my son was young, we had a very scary experience in the water. It made me nervous anytime my children were around water. Coach Spaar has given not only my children, but myself, the confidence in water. I am so grateful for her skills and expertise. She is a fantastic teacher.
This is our second child to go through ISR. This is our son's first refresher course. It's going great. Our son has Autism and Sherry was wonderful about reassuring me and listening to my concerns. She has been patient and communicative throughout each lesson. We are so thankful to have these life saving skills! Jennifer H  
My girls are 6 years old and have been in puddle jumpers for years. After reading some horror stories about puddle jumpers and seeing my girls try to get into the water without them (because they thought they "could swim"), we decided it was time to send them to lessons. One of my girls picked it up immediately and fearlessly. The other, well, let's just say that we both required coaching to get through those first few days of face in the water. After a few days though, she was excited to go back and overcame that fear. It was amazing to see because once she moved past that fear, I noticed her moving past others at her gymnastics classes and at home. I am so glad that we stuck with it through those tough days and had such and amazing Coach. I am not worried about my girls around water now, and we cannot wait for group lessons in the fall!