Coach Spaar is a gifted teacher with a calling to teach children how to swim. In my daughter's ISR lessons with Coach Spaar, Eila went from being afraid of getting her face wet to having the confidence to jump right into the pool and float with ease. Most importantly, she learned life-saving skills for staying safe in and around the water. My two sons have also taken group lessons with Coach Spaar for two years in a row, and the progress they make each week is amazing. We are thrilled with the whole experience. 
Zach and Elizabeth T.
It's been a joy watching you teach Bryce to swim. He responds so well to you. You know when to be stern and when to smile, and give the "high five," traits of an awesome teacher.

Amy W.
When my son was young, we had a very scary experice in the water. It made me nervous anytime my children were around water. Coach Spaar has given not only my children, but myself, the confidence in water. I am so grateful for her skills and expertise. She is a fantastic teacher.

Christy G.